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Slovak gangs enslaved people in Britain: severe punishments fell

Slovak gangs enslaved people in Britain: severe punishments fell

This gang responsible for enslaving people has long been known. In recent years, five Mikhailovs have attracted people to work in Great Britain, where they were injured but hell awaited. The court sentenced the slaves to several years in prison.

“Five Slovaks have been sentenced to four to eight years in prison in the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland.” Said for the server Police spokeswoman Denisa Partiova. They are Slovaks from eastern Slovakia, including three women.

John Rosek, a former judge of the church, spoke about the abuse in the church:

From 2008 to 2017, criminals effectively lured other Slovakians to work in Great Britain. The two together took seventeen people to England. However, these people do not get good pay in the UK. The gang’s practices were discovered by a robotic investigation team.

“Members of the group formed a team and shared the work of providing lucrative jobs to the poor in the UK. They provided victims with up to $ 400 a week to work in car washes or restaurants, along with free transportation, food and shelter.” Adds speaker. But the reality in that place is completely different. People had to work up to fourteen hours straight, paid only twenty pounds instead of the promised four hundred.

The members of the organized group were detained on the basis of European arrest warrants and handed over to judicial authorities in the United Kingdom. “In the future, it will be a matter of protecting the assets of the offenders and compensating the injured.” The spokesman said.

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