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Slovakia wants to hand over "dangerous Russian weapons" to Ukraine

Slovakia wants to hand over “dangerous Russian weapons” to Ukraine

“We have discussed with the United States, with Ukraine and also with other allies about the possibility of deploying or sending all the systems,” Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad told reporters.S-300 We own it to the Ukrainians.

“We are prepared to do so immediately when we have a suitable alternative,” he added, speaking alongside US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in Bratislava.

He explained that the delivery of “the only strategic air defense system that we have in Slovakia” would create a “security vacuum within NATO.”

“If we have a suitable alternative or we have a guaranteed (defensive) capability for a period of time, we will be ready to discuss the future of the S-300 systems,” he added.

Austin confirmed that talks were held in this regard, but told reporters that he had nothing to disclose in this regard.

And he said US Defense Secretary “These are things that we will continue to work on with all of our allies and it’s certainly not just an American problem, it’s a NATO problem.”

A club acknowledged earlier Thursday that Slovakia still relies on Russia to maintain its S-300 missiles.

“I wonder how we will modernize it, secure its maintenance and provide spare parts, while the country that is able to do so is an aggressor, and any cooperation with this country is impossible?”

He added that “Slovakia must get rid of this dependence on Russia as soon as possible.”

The S-300 surface-to-air missiles are an effective system for protecting strategic sites from aerial bombardment.