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Slovinec Bajc | Returning to Czech skiers after 15 years of other sports

Prague After 15 years, Vasja Bajk, the ice jump player for the Slovakian Slovenian team, returned to the Czech national team, leading Jakob Yanda to a historic victory in the 2006 World Cup. He replaced Frantik Vakulka, only after unsuccessful seasons ended in the dark.

Nine-year-old Pagk will develop the billionaires categories as well as acting. “I am happy, sincere and proud that I have once again gained the opportunity to become the head coach of the Czech ice-jumping team,” Bajsch said in the press of the first skating association.

The current national team failed last winter. Due to knee problems, the Czech unit did not miss Roman Codelka and after the operation the vase was back. Among the others, only two of them were in the World Cup – Victor Polik scored three and Kwik went on with two points.

After seasons that have not been announced, we have decided to appoint a foreign coach. One by one we agreed to collaborate with Vasja Bajc, who knows perfectly well not only the high jump environment in the world, but also in the Czech Republic, where he has worked for years, and the Czech high jump under his leadership has seen some of Ganda said, the greatest events in modern history, namely Currently ski jump.

Bajc worked for Dark Czech in 2004 and 2006, and Janda not only became the president of the SP series at that time, but also became the world title role and won two world championships medals.

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Now the Slovenian school will raise the results of the Czechs. It is far from the rich past. The diving tradition is great in the Czech Republic and I also accept the position of head coach, knowing that the ascent will not be easy, which is a huge challenge for me. He said he believes that with other coaches and new things we can steer the curve in a positive direction.

Bajc, who, thanks to the fact that he was controlled by the famous Zdenk Remsa, became famous as a teacher, especially in the Japanese national team.

An overseas coach returns to Czech jumpers after those years. In 2014 and 2018, Racwon National Team Richard Schallert.