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Smart #1 is the first joint venture of Chinese Mercedes and Geely

Smart #1 is the first joint venture of Chinese Mercedes and Geely

Car makers name their models differently, just like parents name their children. Sometimes they want to stay, sometimes they go with the crowd and sometimes they overdo it for the sake of great authenticity.

If we are not mistaken, in the case of the smart brand’s latest work, this is the first time the automaker has used the network tag in the name of a vehicle, known in recent years as a hashtag. And we already have an apostrophe or an underscore in the case of Korean Kie…

The new Smart #1 electric crossover will not go on sale until the end of this year, the European and Chinese markets are expected, and the new model will not go to the United States or Canada. The automaker has released almost no technical data yet. We only know that the drag coefficient will be 0.29 large.

One trick that reduces air resistance is the active radiator grille, complete with recessed handles. For these, the press release assures that they will be able to slip even under most layers of ice in the harshest frosts. This Smart, along with the battery’s thermal management, has been tested in frigid northern China, as shown in several photos.

The described production version is based on Smart Concept #1, introduced last September. The test car was 4.19 meters long, 1.91 meters wide and 1.7 meters high, and was built on giant 21-inch wheels. In the simple cabin, we then discovered a 12.8-inch screen and some similar parts (such as the center console) as in today’s three-pointed star cars.