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smart power

smart power

In talking about power, ideas always go to the strength of armies, possession of weapons, and control of battlefields, and this in fact is only after mastery of the smart power with which those armies are managed, and with which those weapons are manufactured, this power is the basis that sets off Including the great achievements.

We in the land of the Two Holy Mosques and all Muslims have possessed this power from the first sight of Islamic history, as the principles of this intelligent breakthrough were revealed in the first word of our dear book “Read,” so the results of this divine rooting and resurrection appeared in a short time, and turned the scales of life at that time from ignorance to knowledge. And from polytheism to monotheism, and from animosity, contemplation and emigration, to brotherhood, cooperation and compassion, and the golden ages of Muslims passed on that, education in belief, morals, science, medicine and industries. In order not to say this allegation, the reader can read and pass on the history of physics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, literature, sociology, urbanism, and even phonology. The countries of Arabs and Muslims today are the world leaders in all those industrial, physical, medical and other fields.

And since those minds were searching for the service of humanity, they established their sciences in the dark and on patches and leather, and this is God’s will for this intelligent force to remain present and easy to capture, so other nations picked it up and appeared in their countries, in their buildings, in their armies, in their hospitals, in their universities, and in its economy! These Arabic and Islamic names had a prominent presence in all these sciences.

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This, although it is an honor for the Arabs and Muslims, but from the most obvious angle it is reproach and blame that falls on the Arabs and Muslims for their neglect of these sciences, and their neglect of this intelligent force which is the basis of all powers.

It is narrated on the authority of Imam al-Shafi’i that he regretted and lamented what the Muslims had lost in the field of medicine, and said: “They have lost a third of knowledge….” Read}!

However, there is still plenty of time to rectify the matter, which is what we see and feel from our wise leadership and our blessed state with interest in science in all fields, allocating budgets, universities and schools for this, and establishing smart cities, but the attention from one side is not enough, the people and the parish must interact with This is scientific progress and keenness on intelligent achievement, and instilling a love of science and scientific creativity in the hearts of children and generations.

When we are proud that we are Muslims and we brag about that to the whole world, this is not limited to one quarter or one section of our religion, which is the door of worship. That is, although it is the basis for distinction and affiliation, but strength, economy and worldly progress is the fortified shield and the strong bridge that protects Islam and shows its capacity and ability to Containing all civilizations, nurturing all sciences and innovations, and in the authentic hadith, when the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him and his family, saw the Companions grafting palm trees, he said: “If you do not do things for peace, he said: So a chinch came out” – bad dates – so he passed by them, and he said: “What are we going to do with you? They said: I said such-and-such.. He said: “You know more about your worldly matters,” as if he wanted to teach them a double practical lesson in the importance of correct belief and that everything is God’s predestination and God’s knowledge, and that worldly sciences do not contradict true belief as the Sharia gave them space in The behavior of science and intelligence to improve the resources and economy of life. This, God is behind the intent.

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* according to “Riyadh

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