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Smartwatches will soon have slots thanks to Facebook

Smartwatches will soon have slots thanks to Facebook

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

TL; Dr

  • Facebook is working on a smartwatch with a display slot.
  • The watch is processed within the Facebook View app.

The smart watch Space is heating up again thanks to the urgency of Google and Samsung Wear OS 3 As an alternative to the device, the Conqueror wore everything from Apple. But it looks like Facebook (aka Meta) wants to get into the manufacturing process as well, and this first product looks pretty weird.

App developer Steve Moser revealed an image of a smartwatch with a hole inside the Facebook View iPhone app, then shared the treat with Bloomberg. The photo shows a small viewing hole at the bottom, along with a round screen. You can see the image mentioned below.

The jack adds that a code within the Facebook View app suggests naming the watch with the “Milan” symbol, and that the wearable be able to take photos or record videos and transfer them to a smartphone.

However, this wouldn’t be the first large smartwatch with a camera, and Samsung’s original Galaxy Gear also introduced one in 2013. But Samsung’s camera is facing outward, while the Facebook Watch’s camera is on the surface of the watch itself, suggesting video calls as a case of use. basic.

This appears to be the latest trend to implement display slots on devices other than phones. New from Apple MacBook Pro Computers also have a viewing slot, while a file Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra The render was leaked last week and also showed a hole on the tablet’s display. So we are sure that the smartwatch slot will attract a similar distribution reception.

However, some users may think twice about buying a smartwatch from Facebook, given the company’s historical approach to personal data and privacy. After all, wearable components offer more personal data a company can collect.

What do you think of the camera hole in smart watches? Let us know through the survey above.