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Smíchovské nádraží would start overhaul, and would get a fourth podium

Smíchovské nádraží seems to have frozen in time, just like the fossils hiding in the tiles throughout the hall. By the way, here you can find shells, oysters and various other animals, which are about 350 million years old. Although the station is much smaller, the ravages of time have taken their toll. The Railway Department has now obtained a building permit for the reconstruction.

The state-owned company will now compete with building contractors. However, Smíchov’s adjustments should start very soon. First, the northern platform will be opened in the Praha-Smíchov station section. This is actually a separate station, historically next door to Buštěhradská dráha from Hostivice. The station is located near the growing city district of Smíchov, which is already taking shape in the 5th district.

The northern platform will essentially disappear, and it is also planned to dismantle the pedestrian bridge that leads from here to Radlická Street. “In the second phase, the construction of new stands and the reconstruction of the auditorium will begin,” Jan Nivola, a spokesperson for the Department of Railways, told CheckCrunch.

Source: SŽ

The function hall will be rebuilt

The second phase of reconstruction should begin at the beginning of next year. In addition to revitalizing the functional building, the tunnels will also be repaired, which should be extended at the same time. A new platform will also be built in the place and the aforementioned track from Hostivice will be brought here, which means that trains in this direction will arrive at the same place as other trains.

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People will not miss the connection across the footbridge. The existing station will be scrapped, but the railway administration wants to build a new one a little further south. At the same time, the new pedestrian bridge should be supplemented with escalators and elevators to the individual platforms. There will also be waiting rooms and shops.

At the end of the 4.1 billion crown business, there will be four main tracks, each of which will also have platforms. Passengers will have better transportation to trams, metros as well as buses, and the platform and pedestrian bridge will have barrier-free access.

But the work on Prague 5 does not end with the reconstruction itself. In the future, the current terminal should be part of Terminal Smíchov. It will be built practically above the tracks and will connect all types of transport available in the place. A station for suburban and long-distance bus transportation should also be built here, and at the same time there should be a P+R parking lot, which will provide a thousand parking spaces, and one should accommodate a thousand bicycles.

Smichov station

Source: IPR Prague

Smíchov Station is connected to the station building

At the same time, the historic hall should be supplemented with other spaces where there will be shops and passenger facilities. The construction of a new bus station should free up space in Na Knížecí, as only city traffic will be carried. Likewise in front of the station building, where there will be a newly arranged space. Long-distance buses will travel over the tracks, where escalators will lead.

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“In the past, different types of stations were built in different places, bus stations in one, and train stations in another. On the other hand, in Smíchov, passengers will be able to use long-distance, regional, city, metro and tram trains and buses at one station and park their cars in a parking lot. Large P + R cars with a capacity of 1,000 places. In addition, everything will be simple, safe and clear thanks to the efficient solution for the premises, ”said former deputy for transport Adam Scheinherr.

Nádražní Street should also be revitalized, tram lines will be moved away from homes. Trees should be planted here and in general the locals can be excused from the noise of the traffic. The station also means a new opportunity for Na Knížecí station. Buses will continue to be built there, but there will be no need to allocate such a large area for them. A new box should be created here.

This time it is an investment of the capital. The amount was 2.162 billion crowns. The construction of the station should follow from the reconstruction of the existing railway station. It could be completed in early 2027 and 2028.


Source: SŽ

The changes will lead to an easier transition

The design of the station and the study of urban transport were handled by studio A69, which should prepare the project together with the companies Sudop EU, Sudop Praha and Metroprojekt. “The ambition of the study is to organize the space of Na Knížecí so that the image of the place changes into a clearly defined square with a decent exit to the new pedestrian street. In the case of Smíchov Terminal, the effort is to unite the individual buildings and parts of the station into a clearly identifiable whole that represents the entrance to the area urban sprawl of Smíchov, respectively Prague.” Describe the architects.

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But Smykov will change more. The station will also be connected to a new building that will be the headquarters of the railway administration. It is now divided into several buildings. The shape was determined by an architectural competition won by the studio of William Matthews Associates. It should be in the year 2027.