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Snap offers women 53% less pay than men in the UK

Snap offers women 53% less pay than men in the UK

Snap pay gap 53% (cartridge)

In the UK, women working in the technology sector suffer from higher pay than men.

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, has reported a 15 percent pay gap due to a shortage of women in engineering and senior leadership positions.

Men are paid 13 percent more than women, according to Twitter, and Apple 9 percent. Facebook recorded an 8 percent gap, Microsoft 7 percent, and Amazon 0.8 percent.

Snap Inc., owned by Snapshot, paid women 53 percent less than men in the UK. Some companies including have recorded large breaks. Japan’s NEC employees are also paid 42 percent more than female employees.

TikTok claims that women are paid 30 percent less on average than men. Men’s pay is 32% higher than Intel’s, and PayPal has a 30% gap.

After companies like Google and Facebook hired thousands of developers in the country, the technology sector has become one of the highest paid businesses in the UK, but women are still earning less.

From 2017, every UK company with more than 250 employees will have to publish the average pay gap. This gap explains the difference between the average income of a man and a woman regardless of their share or age.

According to an analysis, men in British companies earned an average of 9.8 per cent more than women last year, compared to 10 per cent in 2020. “Bloomberg” For deposits made to the Government.
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