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Snapdragon 898 processor supports upcoming versions of Galaxy Tab S8 devices

Snapdragon 898 processor supports upcoming versions of Galaxy Tab S8 devices

This topic was written by Sultan Al-Qahtani – the Korean giant has started working on developing the upcoming Galaxy Tab S8 series of tablets, as these versions support the Snapdragon 898 processor.

The leaks published during the last period reviewed many specifications of the upcoming Samsung tablets, the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, as well as the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, as previous leaks indicated that the main version comes with 45W fast charging technology, while the new leaks confirmed the support of the three versions. Galaxy Tab S8 devices with 45W charging technology.

The leaks that came via Ice Universe also indicated that the devices support the 10V and 4.5A standards that were presented in the Galaxy Tab S7 tablets. The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is also scheduled to come with a battery capacity of 10090 mAh, while the S8 Ultra version comes with a battery capacity of 11500 mAh, and comes The main version has a battery capacity of 8000 mAh.

The leaks also confirmed the support of the three versions of the upcoming Snapdragon 898 processor chip from Qualcomm, with the devices to be announced between December this year or January next year.

It is reported that the leaks also confirmed that the Galaxy Tab S8 series will not include the Exynos 2200 processor chip that includes an AMD RDNA graphics card, and some expectations indicate that Samsung will present this series at the event to be held to announce the Galaxy S22 phones next year, and these versions also come One UI 4.0 interface.

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