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Social media experts..!

Social media experts..!

Social media has opened many doors for everyone until the situation has reached that once you have an ID in any application, you can be an expert without knowledge or experience. It is possible to transcend what cannot be bypassed as writers, writers and readers, but after many years of its existence, we notice its impact now as it has broken many taboos that were rejected before, and awareness was increasing with the increase in communication and the extension of its horizon, whether with each other or with the outside world. It is common knowledge that often What is lost is something and something is gained with every progress that occurs in all fields, whether technological or cultural and others, as well as the use of modern technologies has become a cultural issue in the first place, as culture has become the focus of the comprehensive development process, and the philosopher Jürgen Habermas has called for “honest communication with others”, If we apply it to our current cultural reality, it may be communicating with others by seeding ideas and how culture can be activated and communicated to the public as a part of life and not a luxury. Our problems are modern, so we must There are modern solutions, and I have noticed, as others have noticed, the large number of theorists in other than their specializations in the media and social networks, and this theorizing casts a shadow over everything around us. Economics, media, administration and society This flat type of theorizing creates and accumulates many problems, so specialization has become an urgent necessity and not a luxury dictated by developments. , the events around us shake the extent of our confidence in our future, some see that the society of tomorrow is nothing but a picture of today’s society, and clarity of vision is the urgent demand now and it has direct effects, and makes us feel the future we want, and change extends its octopus arms to wrap around our world trying to change everything His arms reach him, as he carries with him technological, economic and human change in behavior and thought, so it is necessary to create new ways of thinking about reality, and a special view of the future. We need the arteries that feed our lives and our futures. A, in this tumultuous world, there is no place for weak and inefficient societies, so education was the foundation and base of construction. We were preoccupied with the margin of education and crawled towards the titles. When anything thrives anywhere, look for education, as it is the engine, organizer and spark for everything.

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