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Social Psychology .. New Dr. Adnan Al-Tubasi

A book titled “Social Psychology” was published by Dar Safaa for Publishing and Distribution by Dr. Adnan Mahmoud Al-Toubasi, Associate Professor of Psychology and Psychological Counseling at Philadelphia University.

This book includes thirteen chapters: the first of them talks about the emergence and development of social psychology, its objectives, its relationship with other sciences and research methods in them.

As for the second chapter, it talked about the group, its types, social interaction, its characteristics, foundations and stages. The third chapter came to talk about social upbringing, its importance, dimensions and characteristics. The fourth chapter talked about leadership in human societies, its patterns, theories, and skills. The fifth chapter came to talk about trends, their components, functions and standards. This chapter also talked about values, their classification and their various aspects. The sixth chapter deals with public opinion, its importance, types, characteristics, measurement, the Islamic view of public opinion, and recent public opinion.

As for the seventh chapter, it is devoted to the development of societies, development in the Islamic society, women and development, community development and its organization, theories in the interpretation of development and the role of education in achieving community development and sustainable development.

And in the eighth chapter came a talk about social change and its characteristics, manifestations, stages, types and theories. As for the ninth chapter, it talked about the knowledge society, the characteristics and elements of knowledge, and how knowledge is managed. And about some social manifestations, the talk came in the tenth chapter, and among these manifestations: aggressive behavior, how to confront it, and the theories that explained it. In the eleventh chapter, social cognition, its characteristics, factors affecting it, and theories that explain it were discussed. and spoke

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