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Sociedad imposes a tie on Real Madrid

Real Madrid returned to bleeding points in the Spanish Football League championship, after falling into the trap of a goalless draw with its guest Real Sociedad, on Sunday evening, in the nineteenth stage of the competition.

The Real Madrid stars failed to take advantage of all the opportunities they had during the two halves of the match, and the Sociedad players were unable to snatch a goal during the opportunities they had throughout the ninety minutes, so that each team got a single point.

Thus, Real Madrid, which achieved only 3 victories in its last seven matches in the competition that it crowned last season, remained in second place in the standings table, by 5 points behind its arch-rivals Barcelona (leader).

On the other hand, Sociedad’s balance, which kept its record undefeated in the competition for the sixth consecutive match, rose to 39 points in third place.

The beginning of the match was characterized by caution between the players of the two teams, before the sixth minute saw the first attacking attempt in the match by Real Sociedad, where Alexandre Sorrlot, who was directly facing the goal, received a cross from the left, but the ball passed in front of him a few centimeters.

Over time, the Real Madrid players tried to put pressure on Sociedad’s defenders in order to extract the ball early, so that the royal team wasted a real opportunity to open the scoring in the 13th minute through Vinicius Junior, who penetrated the ball from the left side with an individual effort until he reached the penalty area, before he fired. A shell hit the left post.

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Sociedad responded with a shot from inside the area by Asier Irramendi in the 16th minute, but the ball moved away from the left post a little.

Vinicius continued his disturbing movements to Sociedad’s defense, passing a creeping cross in the 25th minute, hitting the foot of one of the defenders, to easily reach the hand of Alex Romero, the visitors’ goalkeeper.

Real tried to use long-range shots in front of the good defensive bloc of Sociedad players, and Toni Kroos hit a shot from the edge of the area in the 31st minute, which Romero pushed for a corner that almost resulted in the goal of advancing the landowners.

Kroos executed the corner, and the defense turned it away in the wrong way and reached Federico Valverde, who shot from the edge of the area, but the ball passed near the left post.

Benzema threatened Sociedad’s goal with a shot from inside the area in the 34th minute that had Romero on the lookout, before Valverde fired another missile in the 42nd minute over the crossbar.

Real intensified its attacks in order to score the lead goal before the end of the first half, and Danny Ceballos hit from the edge of the area in the 44th minute, but the ball lost its way from the goal.

Vinicius missed a sure opportunity to open the scoring in the next minute, after he found himself alone in the goal, to shoot from inside the area, but Romero ably saved the ball, so the first half ended in a goalless draw.

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The second half began with an expected pressure attack from the Real Madrid side, and Ceballos fired from the edge of the area in the 47th minute, but Romero continued his brilliance and caught the ball.

Rodrygo almost opened the scoring for Real in the 49th minute, when he shot from outside the area, but the ball moved away from the right post a little, followed by a missile from the border of the area by Valverde in the next minute, but missed the goal.

Sociedad players absorbed the enthusiasm of the Real Madrid stars over time, and the Basque team missed an opportunity to score the first goal in the 60th minute through Takefusa Cobo, who penetrated the Real Madrid penalty area from the right front with an individual effort, before hitting a perfect ball that was scored by the Belgian Thibaut Courtois, the Real goalkeeper, on time.

Robert Navarro missed an opportunity for Sociedad in the 69th minute, when he shot from inside the area, but Courtois controlled the ball, so the attack bounced back quickly for Real and Vinicius wasted another one in the next minute, as he tried to put the ball on top of Romero’s body, who brilliantly tackled it and pushed it away for a corner that did not result in a goal. Thing.

Sociedad threatened the Real Madrid goal in the 76th minute with a header from Robin Lee Normand, from a corner follow-up, but the ball went to a goal kick, before Luka Modric hit from inside the area in the 81st minute, it went next to Sociedad’s goal.

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Real Madrid got a free kick from near the penalty area in the 87th minute, executed by Marco Asensio, but the ball hit the human wall, before the guest team missed the opportunity to snatch the three points in the third minute of wasted time, when Kubo shot from the border of the area, But Courtois caught the ball, and the match ended in a goalless draw.