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Society: About Russia in esk dui

Society: About Russia in esk dui

Russia, is not just a particular country too far from the entrance, with which modern technology has much approached. Thus Russia is one city in esk dui. Russia began to play a major role in meeting the new Czech self-consciously as the ideal intersection of Austrian relations. As an object of love, admiration, hope and illusion. Take us, Roscoff, once upon a time when you were a good head of state.

The second skeptical tradition of the Czech attitude towards Russia was established by Karel Havlek Borovsk, Ovem and after the nvtv of Russia. He summed up his experience in words, I went to Russia as a Slav and fell like an echo.

In addition to Havelk’s flexibility, the need to create illusions once completely understood and encountered reality. It was reinforced by the various historical events of the First and Second Worlds of Wolves.

However, in terms of liberation in 1945, the form of our relationship with the Russians was established. Resistance, contempt, and even hate. He took her to Havlek, who was afraid of Russia. Joseph Kvorik noticed these feelings verbatim in his novel Zbablec. A decade later in 1945, they supported this negative position in Russia and all of Russia for good and bad reasons.

Russia, as well as Russian culture or the Russian nation, has become a magpie for us, and in terms of importance and intensity I can compete for the most with Germany and the Germans, which is another source of our collective and complex traumas. It was the Russia that we have in our heads.

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His diligence and liveliness, often at the same time, derive their service from our inner spirits. Just take a look at the internet discussions in recent days. There is a real hatred of us in Russia, which, even if you need to look forward to, is likely to go. (It is important not to take this sentence out of context, especially in the routine.)

The change in strong sentiment is fundamentally related to the fact that we are aware of our vulnerability before Russia. Not only in terms of humanity, but also in terms of design. Russians disturb us with our will to assert ourselves, while respecting the inclinations of the master. We don’t just deal with our politicians, we don’t just take ourselves, and Russia makes us uncomfortable with that.

That is why in our country there is such a thing as the cult of Frantik Kriegel, who has sailed from elsewhere and proven or not proven, somewhat collectively for the rest. Our representative at that time and today develops with strong words, which they can not guarantee, or rather, a promise of obedience immediately.

We live in freedom and prosperity, but at the same time we are facing a rather serious call, which is the renewed efforts of Russia, the Russian government, to revitalize us. We know, or at least the truth, that resisting this determination requires unity, loyalty, hassle, material costs, and in general the determination to see more than one angle. And he doesn’t really want that.

Instead, we established Russia in Russia. One as an object of immediate resistance, the other as an imaginary object, valid in worship or even as a stump some people crave. Then, of course, there are the pessimists and the swimmers.

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There are, of course, other forms of relations with Russia, real health admiration, and legitimate concerns. It is deceptive, in Russia, but it plays a powerful role in shaping our position.

I tell Russia that I cannot be happy without trying to put another country under my shoes. Nevertheless, I cannot forget our inner Russia, for it has caused the worst of hatred, self-harm, contempt, the need to drown out and noticed.

But Putin is not responsible. This is our BSI.

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