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Soft Latin America. The contrasting taste of the continent mainly attracts meat lovers

Latin American cuisine is a mix of specialties, original local dishes and their interesting fusions imported by immigrants to the new continent. From the cold and windy Patagonia to the beautiful Colombia via colorful Brazil, all your senses will delight across South America! Even the smallest details play a role in the overall appearance of a meal. There is a big difference when you have lunch with a local friend, with whom you have already achieved something in the mountains, or you have dinner with a nice local girl rather than going on a regular visit to a restaurant. An added bonus may be the moment when the people who connect you to the South American continent prove that they are also excellent chefs and incorporate a part of their soul into the diet. After all, this rule is not unique to South America. But here it is even clearer and clearer.

The work of the steak

Freedom of choice is everyone’s business, so vegetarians, vegetarians and revenge individuals should be warned that the following lines may be inconsistent. But in other words it’s hard to say: South American meat is simply an art. His chef is the creator of a special one. You can stay in a small motor house north of Bogota, Colombia, in the Chilean metropolitan area of ​​Santiago or in a folk restaurant in El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina. Medium rare, dark brown on the surface and pink on the inside, such a piece of meat will tear all of your taste buds. Deliciously made yellow potatoes, fragrant roasted vegetables and a glass of dry red wine from home-made Chili or Argentine vineyards!

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If you’ve just returned from a demanding tourist parade hit by the stormy winds of the Patagonia Mountains, there is no better celebration and reward than cooking. After a night in a tent and days of wet snow and mud, it has a solid place for a civilization.

Crabs from south to south

Forget the “southern city of the world” Wushuo and the crowd of business conquerors of these frontiers of world civilization. Beer from a mini liquor store in Euro Britto, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Enthusiastic about the taste and moment and fresh fruit in mixed drinks at a bar in the center of Santiago de Chile. You do not need to plan a visit to Antarctica – even here, just a little further south, there are two more human settlements quietly where life flows in a daily rhythm, regardless of the tourist.

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Beyond the Beagle Channel on the Chilean island of Navarino you will find a nice town of Puerto Williams and a small place, this time with a few dozen people from the southern countryside of the United States and once a month there is a ferry connection: Puerto Toro. These places are also unique in terms of a culinary visit – if you visit the Crab Festival Soup de Sentola.

Chefs and dancers have been training since morning on the high waterfront in Puerto Williams, home to nearly 3,000 people. “Today is a great holiday! One day tasting the royal crab dishes, “Patricio, the mayor of the city, smiles with genuine friendliness. It will soon officially open the event, loosely translating its name into” crab shoots. ” All three are dominated by talented chefs overseeing local TV cameras from the Punta Arenas.

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Delicious white meat from Southern King Crab is a popular but expensive delicacy. Everyone who walks around takes advantage of the opportunity to taste the many variations of crab dishes at the expense of the city and to enjoy the singing and dancing of local folk artists.

Cheerful chefs serve crab meat in a variety of ways: cooked, baked in butter with dough and nuts and rosemary, or baked with eggs and cheese. The cultural part of the event features dances and songs in the style of former immigrants and the unique dance of local majors. This is not perfect, but only penguins dance south of this place.

Healthy dessert

Distant lands have their own unique fruit and delicious delicacies. While globalization has taken some of them exceptionally well, we are well aware of them in Europe, often with the modern super label “Superfood”, the best and cheapest always at home.

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A great example is the fruity acai of the Brazilian Uterpe palm. The crushed pulp of black and purple fruits is mixed with cane sugar or honey and often served as ice pulp. While it is consumed in Brazil because it is delicious, traders in our region have guaranteed it a savory and long life.

Everyone can find their favorite here. Some people enjoy the fruit of the pear guava tree with an excellent pulp rich in vitamin C, while others enjoy a large beetroot tomato, also known as tamarind.

In the southern regions, the close relatives of our blueberries (barberry) or maggie palm fruits are a staple, and the parasitic raw cooking fungus Citaria darwini berk on the tree is also a special feature. When there was nothing else nearby to replenish the energy, the locals ate the woods during long marches.

Fish salad

Chevy, inextricably linked with Peru, is one of the most delicious staples of local cuisine for many foreigners. Basic raw fish or other marine animals, marinated in citrus juices: lemon or lime. The diet includes aji peppers, chopped onions, lettuce, coriander and salt. Corn, butter, sweet potatoes or fried vegetable bananas are used as a side dish.

Chevy, like other uncooked meat dishes, is not without risk. If you are careful, even if someone says that the popular local Bisco brandy will be enough as a disinfectant, it is better to avoid it.

Crowd on a mirror

Hot, cold, with or without alcohol – these are the drinks that bring people together, team up and tell stories. Among those you can safely get behind the wheel in this part of the world include coffee and yerba mate.

As for coffee plantations, it is best to go to the “coffee mold” area in the mountains of Colombia, for example near the city of Manisales. In the local gardens you can make an interesting journey through the whole process of collecting, sorting, processing and roasting coffee.

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Also in the south, in Paraguay, Chile and Argentina, your mate will be a blasting straw and a thermos in hot water. It is watered again and again with the crushed dried leaves of Paraguay Holi and spreads an invigorating infusion among friends and family. It is traditionally drunk from a pumpkin and the whole process is friendly expression and own. It is very important for survival in harsh southern regions such as Patagonia.

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Local alcoholic beverages are no less interesting. We know a lot about wines from Argentina and Chile, but beers from local small breweries, especially in southern Chile, are also surprisingly good. Descendants of German immigrants are behind the best taste. It is represented by some of their names, such as Rotor Debich from the village of Puyapi in the Eisen region. If you are looking for a beer made in exceptional locations, you will appreciate the products of the family-owned Cervசseria Artesana Hernando de Magallanes, located in Punta Arenas, the most important city on the Magellan Strait. In the metropolitan areas of Santiago and abroad, Kunstman from Valdivia enjoys great popularity among the Chilean brands.

You will need another article to write about rums. In short: the best are from the Colombian regions of Caldas and Medellin.

Earthquake in Chile

Do you think the drinks mentioned above are not real and “no juice”? In Chile, you can experience earthquake or terremoto in liquid form. A cocktail that is easy to drink, but often unpleasant in the morning. Not surprisingly: Torremoto features wine, pineapple ice cream, cognac, fernet, pomegranate syrup, pisco cilantro brandy and real cane rum. Leaving Latin America is always difficult. But if you are flying home tomorrow, it is better to avoid earthquakes!