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Softball fever is on the rise.  The European Championship is around the corner

Softball fever is on the rise. The European Championship is around the corner

Not just EC for men, but it employs the minds of fans of the sport. “The softball overtime league has begun,” Denek expert Jerry Olic told. “I started with the star Bykova and the newcomers from Ostrava,” he adds.

The competition started in full at the weekend. She was also joined by the elite European pitcher Veronika Bykova under the leadership of the Ledenice Sharks. Jiří Uhlí star tells about the lady who wants to go to New Zealand to visit her partner: “However, in the middle of August, the star of the national team will participate in a professional league in Japan.” “I am glad that I am still here. I thought that I would not be so lucky anymore,” said Bykova. True, after returning from Japan, she answered quite ambiguously, but it was not so when she returned to Lydenes …

Joudrs Praha is defending the overtime league title.

Other Prague teams like the Eagles and Tempo also want to be high. Newcomers to the competition are Arrows Ostrava with Japanese players. “The season will enrich the European Championship in Italy, which will take place at the end of the month,” Hana Korchakova, president of the January club, added.

Veronika Bykova played for the elite Japanese team Toyota Red Terrier last season, in the short season, she scored only three matches and the team finished in third place overall. “This year he will play for Iyo Bank, who finished eighth last year,” Uhlíř adds another interesting piece of information. However, Covid-19 is uncomfortable with the return of South Bohemia to Japan. “I should have been there a long time ago. The spring season is over there in mid-May, and the fall season starts in September, so I’d like to leave in mid-August,” he plans. The good news for January’s softball fans is that he wants to play at home until then. Ladynis Sharks.

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Source: Diaries / Sharks Lednes

“I’m looking forward to starting the competition. I haven’t played with the girls in a long time. It’s another thing when I take charge of my father’s team. We grew up together, I have a sister in her, and we’ll see, we’re kidding,” said Bykova before the first shift. Qualifiers in the highest competition will likely not be held in the Czech Republic. Yet he knows the club’s ambitions well. “Since 2016, we have been holding the medal positions. We won the gold medal three times, and last year we were one step closer to the finals and won the bronze. So I am not afraid to say that we are aiming for the highest level again.”

European Softball ChampionshipEuropean Softball ChampionshipSource: Diaries / Sharks Lednes

Last year, the Joudrs Praha won their seventh title in the club’s history. At the same time, his players performed the largest number of shots (10) and successful shots (288). “We want to experience the same good season as last year in terms of sport and team,” said Joudrs coach Zdeněk Kusý.

According to softball expert Jiří Uhlíř, this year’s newcomer Arrows Ostrava will be ambitious, having returned to the elite after nine years. “The most important reinforcements have arrived from Japan.” They are bowler Mariko Goto (22 years old) and hunter Kyo Morita (22). In addition, schoolgirl Barbora Saviola is returning to Ostrava from abroad, where she held 30 runs at Howard College Hawks last season. “We are not going to the extra league just to keep it. I think we are ready to fight for fourth place. Then we want to move on again, we would like to play for the title in three years,” says coach Borkovic. I have started Extraliga, what will it look like?

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