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“Solar fuel storage” .. a new step towards climate protection

“Solar fuel storage” .. a new step towards climate protection

. is produced solar fuel From Sun light By artificial photosynthesis, or thermochemical reaction, light is used as an energy source solar energy into chemical energy, usually by reducing a proton to hydrogen, or Carbon Dioxide into organic compounds.

Also can produce solar fuel and store it for later use, when Sun light Not available, making it an alternative fuel.

This technology allows storing part of the solar energy for use during the absence of the sun at night, or when the sky is overcast, which allows for the continuous operation of the reactors, and thus the plant’s capacity increases significantly, and capital expenditures are reduced.

Prior to this technology, there was no storage process available Thermal energy Therefore, Synhelion has developed this technology, which enables high-temperature solar heat storage of more than 1,000°C in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

The first solar fuel station

Synhelion is working with the Swiss company EMA, to improve storage and insulation capabilities in terms of material costs, high specific heat capacity, and service life. In addition, a design is being developed for the world’s first solar fuel station, which Cinhilion is scheduled to build in 2022.

“Thermal energy storage is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than battery storage,” said Lucas Gispoller, head of Thermal Systems at Sinhelion.

He continued, “The further development of storage technology is… Thermal energy Our solar fuel is critical for efficient and remunerative production, as an important contribution can be made to combating the climate crisis using our solar fuels.”

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