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Solh “Tariq” and “Zeina” … The highlights of the fifth episode of “Abu Al-Arousa 3” | news

Abdel Hamid is still confused between reassuring Aida after a thief stormed the house, and dealing with his son, Mazuk, and many changes in his personality, especially as he started entering adolescence.

Many events in the fifth episode of the series “Abu Al-Arousa 3”, we review the most prominent in the following points:

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– The episode begins with “Tareq” going to “Zina”’s house to reconcile with her and take her back to his house, at first she refuses on the pretext that she wants to stay with her mother to check on her, but “Abdul Hamid” sits with them and gives them some advice to help them lead a happy married life and asks his daughter to stand Next to her husband in light of the difficult circumstances he is going through after he lost his project.

The police officer comes to Abdel Hamid’s house, who tries to explain to him how the thief entered his house. Meanwhile, Akram learns that his brother Marzouk is quarreling in front of the house. He goes and saves him from the quarrel.

Abdel Hamid discovers that Marzouk loves a girl at school, and she is the reason for his quarrel with his friend. He blames him and tells him that he will allow his sister, Badria, to have a lover as well. At that time, Marzouk tells him that he will stay away from his girlfriend.

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– “Tariq” and “Zina” had a good relationship, and “Wafa” took advantage of this and tried to convince him to work with his father, while “Daoud” read and heard conversations between his wife and her friends that annoyed him and made him quarrel with her.

– “Abdul Hamid” was finally convinced of the necessity of installing a surveillance camera at the house, especially after Aida’s fear and anxiety, but he quarrels with the engineer who came to install the cameras.

And the series “Abu Al-Arousa 3” starring Sayed Ragab, Sawsan Badr, Walaa Al-Sharif, Mahmoud Hegazy, Caroline Azmy, Mohamed Adel, Nermin El-Feki, Medhat Saleh, Rania Farid Shawky, Safaa Al-Toukhi, Ahmed Siam, Khaled Kamal, Amani Kamal, Mohamed Hatem And others, written and directed by Hani Kamal.

The series will be shown from Saturday to Wednesday via the dmc channel at exactly eight in the evening, and it will be repeated at 2 in the morning and 12:30 in the afternoon.

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