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Solve the problem of not playing YouTube on the computer in all browsers

Solve the problem of not playing YouTube on the computer in all browsers

If we solve the problem of YouTube not playing on the computer, we present it to you on our website today. Where is there a person who uses the Internet and does not know YouTube? YouTube is the most popular video sharing website and there are millions of people around the world using it daily to watch or stream some videos.

However, if you are experiencing that YouTube is not working on your device, then in most cases this problem is a problem with your device and not a YouTube problem, so on this day, we will provide several solutions to help you solve your problem.

Solve the problem of not playing YouTube on the computer

There are many easy-to-follow solutions to solve your problem, so just choose the method that works best for you and your device, among the most important of these are:

Flash Player is not installed on your device

  • If you are one of those people who prefer to use Google Chrome, you probably won’t need to install Flash Player, but if you prefer to use another type of browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer, you will need to have Flash installed on your computer.
  • The reason why you need to install this software is because YouTube videos appear to you as a black screen and you cannot press the play button, so if you are facing this problem, you should download Flash Player.
  • Since the flash player easily fix this problem and the flash player installed on your device is not updated but not the latest version, you may face this problem; Therefore, you should make sure to keep this issue updated at any time to avoid this issue. times.

More details can be found as below: Show Download Icon Easily on YouTube, Google Chrome

Browser problem

  • If you have a problem with your browser, for example, the browser will work on some sites and not on others, which means that the browser has interacted with you several times; This may cause YouTube to not play on your computer.
  • So, to fix this problem, you need to delete cookies from any website that is not working and that is in the browser, be it Google Chrome or Firefox, that is, you will go to YouTube and then delete all the cookies associated with it.
  • You can delete these cookies or temporary files from your browser using a very easy and simple program called “CCleaner” that quickly deletes all cookies instead of the manual method.
  • This method is also good and useful if YouTube appears as a white screen in your browser, so if you are facing this problem, read the solutions carefully and follow the steps; This will be the solution to the problem of YouTube not working easily on your computer.

You can also get more information by: Software and Apps to Download YouTube Videos for PC, Android and iPhone

firewall software

  • Many times, for many people, the firewall may have some problems, especially because of the firewall that they download through any program or any anti-virus facility, because it organizes and protects the Internet from connecting in and out of your device.
  • These programs may be the cause of YouTube not working problem on your computer, so stop these programs and then open your browser and try to play YouTube and if you see YouTube videos are working smoothly.
  • In this case, you need to add YouTube to a specific list called List (Approved Sites) in order not to block YouTube from connecting again in the future.

We invite you to learn more in the following ways: The best programs and the easiest way to download from YouTube with a download link.

Online problem

  • The problem of YouTube not playing on your computer may only be an Internet problem; So you cannot play any YouTube video because your internet is very weak and slow, but this problem is very easy and the solution is simple, so you can increase your internet speed.
  • This issue may force you to download the videos you want to watch and watch later, and if you want to watch a particular video quickly, it may not work in all cases.
  • The internet problem may be caused by your partner using the internet and downloading many things at the maximum speed, it has caused the internet to slow down for you and YouTube not working on your computer.
  • You will also notice slow internet when downloading from your device via Internet Download Manager, especially by downloading from high speed servers, in which case you will not be able to play any YouTube videos.
  • You should check why my internet speed is slow, it could be one of the reasons we mentioned or some other reason, it could be someone else stealing your internet from you, so you should consult your internet company and find out the reason.

Browser plug-ins conflict

  • You may have recently made any of the browsing plug-ins and they caused YouTube not to work on your PC; Because there are many add-ons that can prevent videos from playing on the Internet.
  • So, if you have checked all the reasons we mentioned earlier and did not find the problem from them, you should check it by turning off all add-ons and then try to play YouTube videos, and if the videos are working fine, you should delete these add-ons permanently.
  • You can easily view the browser add-ons, if you are a Firefox user, you can do that by clicking on the word Tools and then Add-ons, the add-ons will appear and you will look at them easily.
  • If you are a Google Chrome user, you can do this by pressing Settings, then Extensions, then disable Tools to see which add-ons may be causing the problem of YouTube not playing on your computer in particular and all extensions in general.
  • In most cases, the problem of YouTube not working on computer is due to adblocks because it causes some problems with YouTube and also YouTube video download plugins can cause some problems.
  • Besides plug-ins and proxy software, you are often in great conflict with YouTube, so if you are using it and encounter this problem, you need to turn it off and then try to play YouTube on a device and you will find that this is the solution to the problem of YouTube not playing on your computer.

With this, we have provided you with a solution to the problem of YouTube not working on the computer, and you can leave a comment at the bottom of the post to learn more, and we will respond immediately.

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