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Somalis revolt against "Al-Shabab" and behead them after a battle

Somalis revolt against “Al-Shabab” and behead them after a battle

“Reuters” quoted three eyewitnesses, on Sunday, as saying that a Somali militia allied with the government killed at least 45 fighters. youth movement Some of them were beheaded as citizens in the central regions of the country increasingly took up arms in the face of the militants.

Saturday’s beheadings followed a battle in Hiran district in Hirshabelle state, where major fighting erupted this month between Al Shabaab and the newly expanded militia allied to the federal government.

Al-Shabab, an associated extremist group, is fighting Al-Qaeda organizationweak central government in Somalia Since 2006.

Videos shared widely on Telegram showed at least two decapitated bodies of alleged al-Shabab fighters and dozens of others in uniforms and red and white scarves, and some appeared to have died in battle.

Reuters was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the videos, but three witnesses to the beheadings confirmed the authenticity of the incident, and seven other residents said that members of their family were present and confirmed the deaths.

The people revolt against the youth.

Residents say that Al-Shabaab has increased the number of burning homes, destroying wells, and beheading civilians in Hiran province. taxes In the midst of the worst drought in 40 years, which prompted more residents to take up arms.

“The young men are not strong, they burn people, cut off their heads and throw them in the streets to intimidate,” said Ahmed Abdullah, a tribal elder in Hiran.

Abdullah added, “Now we do the same… We have ordered the beheading of al-Shabab fighters.”

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For her part, Halima Ismail, a resident of the region, said: “The young men made us into hell…so our people decided to liberate themselves…My daughter is also fighting on the front line while carrying a rifle.” Kalashnikov on her shoulder.”

Hassan Farah, a tribal sheikh, told Reuters that the fighters had recaptured ten villages from al-Shabab in the past weeks.

The residents of the neighboring state of Galmudug also took up arms. “This week, we have recaptured nine villages,” said Ahmed Sherry, the state’s information minister. “It’s a big revolution in Galmudug.”

It is noteworthy that Somali National News Agency She had said that the federal government on Saturday sent troops to support the Galmudug fighters.