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Sony accidentally disclosed the PlayStation Plus Video Pass »Vortex

Sony accidentally disclosed the PlayStation Plus Video Pass »Vortex

magazine Chronicle Video Games Note that not long ago, Sony introduced the hitherto unknown PlayStation Plus Video Pass on the Polish version of its PlayStation Blog. With the exception of the logo, the information can no longer be tracked, but we don’t see many reasons why the report is not considered reliable. According to VGC, the Video Pass aims to benefit PlayStation Plus subscribers, who guarantee online multiplayer and transfer players to their titles for free every month. Video Pass is scheduled to run at no extra charge for one year starting tomorrow, April 22.

Zdroj: The Chronicle of the Video Games

At the moment it is not clear if this is a global offering or just local content, but the presence in neighboring Poland raises hopes that the potential launch of the service will also apply to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As for the movies included, three of them are featured on the homepage – Venom and Zombieland: Double Tap and Bloodshot. In all three cases these are images produced by Sony, and we think the rest of the catalog will be dependent on its own portfolio. Of course, the series behind Sony Pictures Television shouldn’t be left out, and just by chance are Gingerbread Dad, Call Saul, The Good Doctor, Babysitter, Goldberg, Stargate and a whole bunch of others.

At the same time, the Video Pass entry can be understood as a reaction to the planned termination of the sale or rental of movies and series, which, however, is never related to the Czech Republic or Slovakia. However, a single stream service can remove some barriers and, more importantly, better reflect current trends. Sony has not yet commented on the leak.

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