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Soon the Google Play Store will display ads for applications in the search history results!

Soon the Google Play Store will display ads for applications in the search history results!

It is normal for Google to display the popular apps that are most downloaded on the Google Play Store and this is probably the main reason why we see so many recommended games all over the interface.

But it is clear that Google will not be satisfied with this advertising method, as it is said that the company has a different strategy in the near future that will include a new way to display application ads through search records within the Google Play Store.

Google recently made an official announcement to app developers that it is adding some major changes to the Play Store platform. We weren’t sure how these changes would turn out because the feature was – and in fact still is – under development. But it seems that the company has already made its final decision to improve its app advertising strategy.

Google Play Store will display ads for apps in your search history

The new advertising policy was monitored by some people at 9To5Google, who indicated through his report that once you click on the search bar in the Google Play Store, you will get your previous search records, and you will see a few recent search requests, and the search results will display specific applications. If you type the first letters corresponding to the names of these applications.

The author of the report also indicated that once he clicked on his search history within the store, he got results that included three random applications, even before he typed any letters in the search bar.

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It is strange that the author of the report stressed that he did not search for these applications that appeared to him at any previous time, and did not interact with them in any way. In addition, he has not installed these applications in any previous times. All these indications indicate that Google has already begun to implement the policy of advertising games with the results of search records within the store.

In any case, we do not know if Google plans to roll out the new advertising strategy on a large scale or if it will be limited. But to be honest with you, when you look at this new feature carefully, there is actually nothing bad about it at all since it is not a very intrusive way to advertise apps and will not negatively affect users’ search experience within the store.

Simply declaring three apps in the search history can help users see which recently popular apps might be of interest without having a negative impact on interface clutter.