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Soon .. “WhatsApp” without the Internet, but on one condition – Technology

Last Saturday, the instant messaging application “WhatsApp” announced that it will soon launch a new feature that will enable its users to use it on multiple devices, without the need for an Internet connection.

According to “Sputnik”, the “Multiple Devices” feature is currently under development, but it is expected to be launched within the next two months for both Android and iPhone beta testers.

According to the agency, Mark Zuckerberg, president of Facebook, which owns the WhatsApp application, confirmed that the “multi-device” feature will be available within two months, however, to make the feature perfect, it may take a little longer.

For his part, the director of “WhatsApp” said that “once the feature is launched, users will be able to link up to 4 devices to their accounts on the application, adding that WhatsApp will also allow users to migrate the chat history between Android and iPhone devices.”

Sputnik also revealed that voice and video calls will work across all connected devices, adding that those who do not update their WhatsApp will not be able to receive calls or messages.


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