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Source: A Turkish security delegation visited Tripoli and Misrata and opened the “red line” files


An informed source revealed to the Libyan website “218” that a Turkish security delegation visited the cities of Tripoli and Misurata two days ago, and opened the “red line” security files in Libya.

According to the Libyan website, “the delegation met the Chief of the General Staff of the Libyan Army, Lieutenant-General Muhammad al-Haddad, and the commander of the Western Coast Military District, Salah al-Din al-Namroush, to inform them that a new batch of gunmen will be transferred out of Libya early next week.”

The source added that “the process of removing the militants came based on consensus with the United Nations and the principle of reciprocity.”

The website pointed out that “the meeting witnessed the informing of the Turkish security delegation on the reasons that prompted sending military units to Tripoli, including the presence of indications of movements of sleeper cells of the organization (ISIS) in the region.”

According to the source, the Turkish security delegation visited the headquarters of the joint forces in Tripoli, and then headed to the city of Misurata, where a tripartite meeting took place with an Italian security delegation in order to coordinate security and logistical efforts, pointing out that the Turks met the presidential candidate Fathi Pashaga in the port of the city of Misurata.

The source indicated to “218” that “there is a tendency in Ankara to appoint another envoy with powers greater than the powers of the ambassador in Libya, while no name has been disclosed, although the current ambassador, Kanaan Yalamz, is a candidate for the position, and the representative in the Presidential Council is expected to arrive. Abdullah Al-Lafi to Ankara, to meet with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

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Source: RT