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Source: The ship “Ivan Khors” was attacked by drone ships made in Western countries

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An informed source told “Sputnik” that the drone boats that Ukraine tried to attack the Russian naval vessel “Ivan Khors” in the Black Sea were Western-made and launched from the naval operations center opened with US participation. Ochakovo, and they control them with the help of Starling.

The source said: “These devices were launched from the Naval Operations Center (to attack the Russian ship), which was opened in 2018 in Ochakovo with the participation of the United States. They were controlled using Starlink Internet satellite units. United Nations.”

At the same time, he said, US intelligence had also identified a target for the drone boats.

The source indicated that the drone ships were not manufactured in Ukraine. And he said, “Although representatives of Kiev boast of using their own drone ships, Ukrainian production, their profile suggests otherwise,” pointing out that the shape of Ukrainian ships, such as Mykola, is assembled from components. Delivered to Kiev from “NATO”, completely different.

According to him, this indicates that Kiev has carried out attacks and provocations in the Black Sea with new ships of Western manufacture. Most likely, the United Kingdom is behind this, which “has a lot of experience in installing and using such systems in different parts of the world’s oceans.”

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Last Wednesday, the Ministry of Defense reported that Ukraine tried to attack the ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Ivan Kors with unmanned boats guaranteeing the security of the Turkish “Stream” and “Blue Stream” gas pipelines in Turkey. All unmanned ships were destroyed. Yesterday, Friday, the ship arrived in Sevastopol for resupply.