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South Korea formulates its first space defense strategy

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said on Friday that Seoul has drafted its first space defense strategy that charts the future course of the military’s campaign to develop operational capabilities in the critical security area.

South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup met with other key members of the Defense Aerospace Development Committee to discuss the draft, as Seoul seeks to build its space capabilities amid growing competition among developed countries to come out on top in this field, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

The strategy, if finalized, will serve as a comprehensive document outlining the strategic objectives, basic principles, and guidelines for advancing the country towards developing space capabilities. Accordingly, all armed forces must formulate their operational concepts with an emphasis on cooperation between them.
The South Korean Ministry of Defense has not revealed the details of the strategy yet.

During the meeting, Lee called for a leap forward in the development of space capabilities, pointing to the intensification of global competition for superior capabilities over the world of space.

He said the South Korean military should make multi-faceted efforts to continuously build up space forces incorporating the latest science and technology.

He added that space has become a space of life and a space of operations, and the major military powers have already recognized defense space capabilities as an essential element of national security and are developing them competitively.

The South Korean ministry, led by the deputy minister, initially launched the committee in May 2018. It reorganized the composition of the committee and put the South Korean defense minister at its helm and appointed senior military leaders as its members.

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