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Zakladatel Virgin Galactic Richard Branson v nové vesmírné kombinéze

Space Shuttle Company’s Billion Branson Will Fly To The Edge Of Space, Nine Days Before Bezos | Business

Washington British billionaire Richard Branson blasted off to the frontiers of space on Sunday as part of a test flight of the space shuttle VSS Unity St. It is the Virgin Galactic space company. His flight is a standout competition in a lucrative space tourism citizen. Nine days ago, Branson will beat Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, who completed his journey into space on July 20.

VSS Unity will be launched from the US spaceport near Truth or Consequences in New Mexico. The VMS Eve mother aircraft will reach an estimated distance of approximately 15 kilometers. Then the shuttle detaches, starts its own engines, and climbs up to 90 kilometres.

Upon reaching the highest point of the flight, the crew begins to stand for a few minutes. Then the machine slowly descends backwards and the guns are in the port of Spaceport America, which took off on a carrier plane. If the whole trip takes a year and a half.

Jeff Bezos

It will be a VSS unit test for twenty-two flights. Those events were made out of the current twenty-one with people on board. This time it will be the first flight with a full and elegant crew. It consists of pilots and mission specialists, including Branson.

Virgin Galactic has told two that they will begin launching their space services in the first year. But two test flights must be made before that.

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Jeff Bezos after the announcement, Virgin Galactic’s second flight and not him, his rival’s dream come true. He noted that Branson was not actually in-universe. As in the previous flight, the VSS Unity space shuttle will not exceed 100 km this time, which is generally accepted as the limit of space reservation.

Bezos Blue Origin said on Twitter that only three percent of the world recognizes the 80-kilometre or 50-mile limit as the end of space. She added that the New Shepard missile is more than a hundred kilometers long, which is one of the many advantages of the Blue Origin site.