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The SpaceX astronaut said she was sick in the first two days of the Inspiration4 mission and thought the spaceflight wasn't long enough, according to a report.

SpaceX astronaut says she was sick during first two days of Inspiration 4 mission and thought spaceflight wasn’t long enough, report says

Dr. Sian Proctor, far right, told National Geographic that she felt ill during the first part of her assignment. Inspiration4 / Jon Krause
  • SpaceX astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor told National Geographic that she felt sick for two days in space.

  • Proctor also said that SpaceX’s three-day mission around Earth wasn’t long enough.

  • She said her head was “a little stuffy” on the second day, I mentioned National Geographic.

SpaceX astronaut who Share in the community A month ago, the Inspiration4 mission said she had been ill for the first two days in space. National Geographic reported on Friday.

Dr. Sian Proctor, one of Four crew members Aboard SpaceX’s first civilian mission, she told National Geographic that she was starting to feel queasy on day one.

“Space sickness is one of those things that a lot of people have,” Proctor said in the interview. “You’re just not at your game.”

Astronauts can discover travel sickness When they are in space because Weightlessness They feel weightless.

Proctor told National Geographic that she felt better the second day but her head was “a little stuffy.”

“But man, I woke up on day three, and I was wheezing, and everything was fine,” Proctor told the publication. “I coped, I was good, and I said, ‘What?’ Do I have to go home?! no no no! “

Inspiration4 مهمة mission Spear September 16, dispatch Four civilian astronauts In orbit for three days aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft.

“I’m going for longer,” the geologist and science communications specialist told National Geographic. Three days weren’t enough.”

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“I think, ideally, a five-day mission in a domed Dragon capsule would be ideal,” Proctor added.

the dome Glass dome roof falls On the nose of the Crew Dragon spaceship, From where astronauts looked to see Earth from space. Proctor told National Geographic that this was “the best feature of our spaceflight.”

toilets that In the middle of the faulty flightIt was also in the dome. Proctor said in the interview that it was a “waste issue” which crew members quickly resolved. “I think it turned out to be a bigger event than it actually was,” she added.

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