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SpaceX Crew 6 is of strategic importance to the UAE space sector

The crew of the “SpaceX Crew 6” mission arrived yesterday at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, coming from Houston, where they completed their training, in preparation for launching to the International Space Station on February 26, at 11:07 am Emirates time.

While the SpaceX Dragon Endeavor spacecraft is scheduled to take about 24 hours to arrive at 11:54 am on Monday, February 27, according to the US space agency, NASA.

A press conference was held for the “SpaceX Crew 6” mission immediately after the landing of the private plane of the US Space Agency “NASA” at the Kennedy Space Center, in the presence of Salem Al Marri, Director General of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, Calvin Manning, Deputy Director of the Kennedy Space Center, and Dana Hutcherson, Deputy Director. NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

Historic moment

Al-Marri explained during his speech to the mission crew that he was happy with this historic moment, and that he was sure of their full readiness before launching to the International Space Station, while he wished them success, pointing to the strategic importance of this mission for the UAE space sector, and continued that today’s event is Another step closer to the successful launch of the mission, pointing out that Al Neyadi is fully prepared for the first long-term mission of Arab astronauts.

For his part, Sultan Al Neyadi said: It is a great honor to be at the Kennedy Space Center, which was a witness to the launch of historical missions in the past, which reflected on humanity in its benefits, pointing out that it represents the UAE’s second mission to the International Space Station within the mission “Zayed’s ambition 2”. And he is very happy with this historic moment, which he waited for so long, especially after the success of his colleague Hazzaa Al Mansouri’s mission in 2019.

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Which gave a great impetus to the UAE program for astronauts, in addition to increasing the enthusiasm of the Emirati and Arab peoples for this achievement, while he thanked all those in charge of training them during the past years, including trainers and space agencies, as well as his family, which provided him with great support during the past years.


Al Neyadi affirmed the great readiness of him and his colleagues within the SpaceX Crew 6 crew, on the physical, mental and technical levels, to embark on this mission through which they want to provide new knowledge and enhance the passion for space exploration, and that the long training periods they spent during the last period made them confident in their abilities. And their potential, as well as the importance of exchanging experiences among them.

Which will reflect positively on the success of the mission, while he pointed to some of the belongings that he will carry with him to the international station, including the kimono suit of his favorite game of jiu-jitsu, in addition to some traditional Emirati food, which will be a means of introducing popular customs and promoting the exchange of cultures between the members of the mission crew.


Al-Neyadi drew attention to the Arab achievements in the space sector, especially with regard to former Arab astronauts, such as Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the first Arab astronaut, and Muhammad Faris, the Syrian astronaut, all the way to Hazzaa Al-Mansouri, while he is now completing this march, which reflects the capabilities Arab potential.

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He touched on the importance of the quality of the training that they received and covered all sciences, which would make them ready to conduct all scientific tests and in all circumstances, the results of which will add a lot to the global scientific community, in addition to its importance as a basis for launching towards the exploration of deep space and other planets through manned human flights. .

The mission will launch from Complex No. 39A at Cape Canaveral Space Base, and will carry on board Sultan Al Neyadi, the mission specialist, along with astronaut Stephen Bowen, the mission commander, from NASA, and Warren Hoberg, the spacecraft commander, NASA, Andrey Vidyaev, Specialist of the mission of Russian Roscosmos.

While the mission will launch within Mission 69 to the International Space Station, which will work, among its tasks, to install the final parts of “iRosa”, which are the solar panels that are installed on the International Space Station, in addition to conducting experiments and scientific research.

Al-Neyadi is currently subject to quarantine, prior to launch, while it is scheduled, one day before the launch, that the mission crew will try out the space suits designed specifically for the mission, in addition to carrying out an experiment for the process of boarding the launch site, entering the capsule, and conducting all checks, to ensure the efficiency of the arrangements. And the final preparations, and then everything is ready.

On the other hand, the mission backup crew includes Hazza Al Mansouri, Mission Specialist, Jasmine Mugbeli, Mission Commander, NASA, Andreas Mogensen, Spacecraft Commander, European Space Agency, and Konstantin Borisov, Mission Specialist, Roscosmos.

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For an overview of the mission, SpaceX Crew 6 will launch from platform No. 39A aboard the Falcon 9 rocket, which is reusable in two stages, designed and manufactured by SpaceX, for the reliable and safe transportation of people and payloads. to Earth’s orbit and beyond.

It is also the world’s first reusable orbital rocket, while reusability allows SpaceX to re-fly the most expensive parts of the rocket, which in turn lowers the cost of getting into space.

After a successful launch, the SpaceX Dragon Endeavor spacecraft will later separate, to begin its path towards its destination, the International Space Station, at a speed of approximately 17,500 miles per hour. , so that the docking process is completed within minutes between the vehicle and the international station.

And then the door of “Harmony”, which is the vehicle docking unit at the station, was opened. For its part, the spacecraft was designed to dock independently and automatically, but the crew could take over the leadership if necessary.

After successfully docking the spacecraft, the SpaceX Crew 6 crew will be welcomed into the station by the 7-member crew, while the current NASA SpaceX Crew 5 astronaut mission is scheduled to end after several days. Later, to separate from the International Space Station and then start the return trip and land off the coast of Florida.