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SpaceX fears it won’t have oxygen for the rockets. priority patients

Spaceflight is now being heated up by two factors: a global shortage of intellectual property and a new demand for liquid oxygen, especially in the United States. SpaceX Editor-in-Chief, Gwen Shotwell, spoke at this week’s Space Symposium in Colorado, USA. The information on a deficiency of LOX, which is short for liquid oxygen, was said to be particularly new to the variant.

She confirmed that this year NS will already suffer from a lack of liquid oxygen for launches Shutoilov. Let’s make sure hospitals have the liquid oxygen we need. But whoever’s left has liquid acid, can you send me an email? She added.

SpaceX Bag isn’t the only company that doesn’t hide its concerns. According to Emery Kelly, who is in space for Florida Today, even organizations involved in spaceflight have told companies that they now logically favor supplying oxygen to hospitals.

On the other hand, SpaceX will be a little short in the future, because it is building a factory in its warehouses in Boca Chica, which could be the first liquid oxygen of the future.

SpaceX’s next-generation Raptor engines, which will drive the new, massive spaceship Starship system, use extremely low body temperature, liquid methane and liquid oxygen as propellants. The company’s previous engines, Merlin and Kestrel, used liquid oxygen, respectively, but in a mixture with refined kerosene.

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Shotwell did not specify what effects the lack of liquid oxygen would have on the upcoming full launch of SpaceX’s rockets. The company has suspended the launch of other Starlink Internet satellites, but as a reason it has introduced lasers into these apartments. Thus the lack of LOX poses a particular risk if this problem cannot be resolved. This was confirmed by Elon Musk, who said in his tweet that this is not a limiting factor for launching missiles.