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Španělské bary musí nabízet kohoutkovou vodu v karafě, ukládá zákon o odpadech

Spanish bars must serve tap water in a jug, according to waste law

Spanish bars must serve tap water in a jug, according to waste law

Restaurants and bars in Spain must now give customers free tap water in a jug if they request it. This comes from the waste law, which went into effect on Sunday and aims, among other things, to reduce the consumption of disposable plastics. Several provisions of this law will go into effect in January 2023, when large grocery stores, for example, will have to allow customers to purchase food in their own packaging and containers. The Spanish daily ABC reported about it.

Many in Europe are already serving tap water in jugs to reduce consumption of bottled water, and therefore plastic consumption as well. It is already mandatory in some countries, such as Italy and now in Spain as well. However, it is already a common practice in other countries without a law.

Spain’s new waste law, for example, also requires municipalities with a population of over 5,000 to expand the sorting of plastic, paper and glass waste to include bio-waste, with smaller municipalities having to comply with this obligation by the end of next year.

From January 2023, traders will have to do this Food With an area of ​​400 square meters or more, they are sold in one-fifth of the merchandise area without basic packaging, or sold in bulk or in reusable packaging. In addition, they will have to accept reusable packaging that customers bring for themselves – bags, bottles or plastic boxes. The ABC daily wrote that a merchant would be able to refuse to put food in such a container if it was not clean.

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