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Special borders in Bulgaria. How a company got hold of a dog’s spit across the border into EU customs

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov shortly after losing a vote in Parliament by two votes. Behind him you can see the Cabinet’s efforts to suppress organized crime on the border with Turkey.
author’s squf; Reuters

inBulgarian Prime Minister Kirila Petkova suddenly collapsed when she started a company that had been operating for ten years on the border with Turkey.

“This government did not fall into Parliament. The head of the fifth group of deputies of the Bulgarian parliament, Andrei Gorov, announced that Kapitan Andreevo fell on the pedestrian border on the border, after the two-hour vote, which put the Petkov government at the end of April.

Gurov was right. Soon Petkov’s government fell into disrepair. Surprisingly, it coincided with the largest anti-corruption battle that this government was able to fight, when it assumed customs control on the Turkish border. Over the last half of the decade, the link between questionable special interests and corrupt state governments created the saying “ask for nothing,” through which millions of euros and many goods were passed on to everyone.

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