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Obchod s motorkářským vybavením Black Heart

Specialties for motorcyclists. There are years of hard work behind the popular Black Heart brand

This is how the story of the Black Heart began. “We simply learned it at the time. The first batch of T-shirts, which I ironed at home with an iron, were for the boys I skated with at the time. That’s how it all happened,” Hardel recalls. Why the name Black Heart? “My colleague came up with the idea that we’re actually blackheads, from the fringes of society. It turns out from him at a party, I liked him, so we’re Blackhearts,” he explains.

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However, the journey from the beginning to the already famous had only just begun. “Actually, up to now, I’m basically a garage company, not a huge company. My first client was a skate shop. There were three designs for T-shirts and two hats. I wore it. Then through friends, that’s how it started. We made our first online store, and we didn’t receive One order in the first half of the year. Then we made a better online store and slowly started packing it up, like a snowball,” says Hradell. Today, it sells its products through the online store not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. “We have dealers in the Czech Republic and then also in Europe. We deliver to Germany, France, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands.”

In addition to the Black Heart store, it is also sold on various occasions. “We went to American motorcyclist events and car meetings, because that’s what we really focus on. And people started loving it, we got to the subconscious. First I went there and bought

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I get food from the store, and since I didn’t even have a refrigerator, I put it behind the wheel under the shade. Those were the beginnings, when I remember it, it was horrible. I was glad I sold absolutely nothing. If I had a lot of capital in the beginning, it would probably be faster, but I really started from scratch,” he says.

The assortment is original, different from the usual. “I design it, and then the designer adjusts it. There’s a new collection every six months, and now in the spring we do 25 men’s and fifteen women’s prints. We also make helmets, gloves and other accessories for bikers. At first there were hot rods and rock ‘n’ roll And staples. We want to be different, we don’t want to wear chains,” explains Hradell.

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Shirts, hats or socks are best sellers. “We simply knew it back then. Then there are other things to do, there is a lot of interest in helmets and gloves. But shirts are classic. I have to make a Fichtl shirt for fun, and this is a bestseller. Everyone rode on it in their youth, so I started to Buy, and the cyclist community is with us,” explains the emergence of the biggest sales to date.

Hoodies, shorts, socks and prints, all made in the Czech Republic, T-shirts, handbags and biker stuff, they are from the outside. “A lot of motorcyclists really stick to what they’re wearing, and want to look good on a motorbike. It’s true that some, for example, still have a fringe on motorbikes, as in the ’90s, shorts like the Old Shatterhand. But now it’s about a lot more. Practical fashion.Now, pants with visors are made,which you don’t even know they’re on a motorbike,looks like classic jeans.We focus on production so that it looks likelifestylewear.Even it could break down and it was impossible to tell it was on a motorbike.He says Hradell: “There are more goods, we have more to offer people.”

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