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Speed ​​camera app developers face abuse from UK drivers

Speed ​​camera app developers face abuse from UK drivers

Developers of a new processor that uses artificial intelligence to estimate the speed of a passing car say they are forced to anonymize because of poor response from drivers.

This app is the product of a team of AI scientists with a background in Silicon Valley companies and the best universities in the UK. Its creators hope it will encourage police to pick up speed and help residents, pedestrians and cyclists document traffic crimes in their area.

But since its launch in March, the group has been wary of sharing their true identities. “We’re getting completely false emails,” said Sam, the app’s founder, who spoke anonymously. “It’s a marmite product – some people think it’s a good idea, some people think it’s making us a watchdog.

“I can see both sides of it, but if you have a speed limit, that’s the law you stick to, you have to enforce the law. It’s not personal revenge against anyone, it’s – how do we make our roads safer? ? We create blocking the way downhill.

An online review of the processor said: “In East Germany, citizens were encouraged to report their neighbors to Stasis for minor social violations. Congratulations on creating its updated version. If you can not tell, I’m just kidding. This application makes me disgusted.

The application encountered difficulties. Google has refused to allow the team to publish it on the Play Store, claiming that the speed of the passing vehicle could not be estimated using artificial intelligence alone – a claim proved to be false when the company provided a demo of the technology. An iOS version has been developed, but Apple has not yet authorized the distribution and has not stated the reason for the delay. “We don’t know why they would ban effective technology that could save people’s lives,” Sam said.

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For years, footage uploaded by users for traffic offenses has been accepted by the police. It helps to provide evidence that could lead to hundreds of lawsuits for some citizens, for example, for unsafe driving. “What we’re doing is expanding the capabilities that Dashcam systems have, so that you can automate the forensic video analysis that Dashcams is already doing.

Drivers will not be able to get fast tickets due to the application. Because the Speedcam Anywhere algorithm has not been verified by the Home Office, it is not a legal speed camera and cannot provide sufficient evidence for the police to record a speeding case, although if reckless driving, the broader “dangerous driving” offense applies. Involved.

Sam hopes the widespread use of the app will alert police to speed up hotspots and encourage them to take extra action to prevent dangerous driving. “I think this is a big step forward in making our roads safer and more accessible to all.

“There are very dangerous roads for children to cycle to school, there are very dangerous roads for parents to cross – I think it’s a mistake.

Apple was contacted for comment.

How SpeedCam Anywhere Works

  • The user of the app will open it when he hears a fast approaching car coming in and shoot while passing the car.

  • The app uses the passing vehicle’s number plate to search the DVLA’s public registration database to find the vehicle’s product and model.

  • From there, it determines the distance between the axles of the vehicle and compares it with shots to calculate speed.

  • The user then has the option to save the video or create a report from it to share with the authorities.

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