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رياضات برع فيها محمد صلاح بخلاف كرة القدم

Sports in which Mohamed Salah excelled other than football

The Egyptian star Mohamed Salahthe Liverpool player, is one of the most important players in the world at the present time, but football and his passion for sport were not enough for him.

“The Seventh Day” reviews in the following report the most prominent games in which Mohamed Salah excelled, other than football


The Egyptian star published a picture of him while on vacation, in which he appeared while playing a game of tennis, in reference to his passion for it.

Table Tennis

Salah’s passion for the game appeared through his constant joking about it with his Croatian friend Dejan Lovren, when he was a player in Liverpool before leaving last summer.




In 2018, the official account of Liverpool FC published a video of some of the players’ preparations before the start of the new season 2018-2019.

The Egyptian star appeared during the video trying to make some shots on the basket, and eventually succeeded in hitting the target.


As for the most prominent sport in Mohamed Salah’s career, it is the game of yoga, which Mohamed Salah has expressed his passion for over the past periods.

The Egyptian star celebrated his missile goal against Chelsea in the 2019 season in a new way, after he worked on simulating a yoga situation.

After the match, Salah revealed the positive effect he gets by practicing yoga, which helps him get more focus.