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انطلاق دورة علم النفس الرياضي بمحافظة ظفار

Sports Psychology course launched in Dhofar Governorate

Salalah – from Awad Dahish:
A course in Sports Psychology (level one) was launched at the Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Entertainment in the Governorate of Dhofar yesterday morning, which is organized by the Leaders Preparation Center at the General Diwan of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth in coordination and cooperation with the General Directorate of Culture, Sports and Youth, with the participation of 35 studies from various clubs in the governorate, government and military agencies and unions Sports, civil teams, and youth of both sexes. The course in which Dr. Khaled bin Abbas bin Harith Al Yarubi is a lecturer at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth will continue during the period from May 10-12.
The course includes theoretical and practical applications for the participants on many axes contained in the days of the workshop, which are represented in psychological preparation for coaches and athletes, psychological toughness for athletes, psychological energy for athletes, psychological leadership for athletes, motivation and motivation for athletes, communication skills for athletes, psychological stress for athletes, psychological skills training for athletes, mental training for athletes and psychological problems For the sports coach and the psychological impact of sports injuries
This is in addition to a workshop (positions) and a written test. Among the themes that the course touched upon in its first days are the sources of mobilizing psychological energy in the sports field, which were represented in the positive sources, which include challenge, excitement, fun, facilitating anxiety, self-confidence, ambition and mental deficiency.
On the first day, leadership styles were discussed, which included authoritarian leadership, behavioral leadership, humane leadership, democratic leadership, and non-interference leadership.
And the psychological leadership of the player and the concept of sports leadership and the basic and necessary conditions for the existence of leadership, which included the existence of a linked group and the existence of a common common mission between them and the presence of a difference in harmony between them and influence and leadership influence as it included individual recreational activities carried out by the students.

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