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Spotify adjusts the way albums are streamed at Adele's request

Spotify adjusts the way albums are streamed at Adele’s request

The songs that Spotify pay subscribers listen to are now being played on the app in their original album order, at the request of British singer Adele, who criticizes “random” streaming of songs on streaming services.
And since Sunday, listening to any album by Spotify subscribers takes place according to a sequential display system and not by the shuffle method in English, which is denoted by two cross arrows.
Adele, who has achieved great success with her new album “30” since its release on Friday, welcomed the change.
“That was my only request in our ever-changing sector,” the British singer wrote on Twitter. “We don’t make albums with all this care and playlists for no reason. The art we make tells a story and our stories have to be heard the way we wanted to. Thank you Spotify for listening.”

Adele called the album “30” in reference to her age when she started preparing for it three years ago, and in it she tells especially the story of her divorce and the consequences that this has had on her son’s life.
A Spotify spokeswoman told AFP: “As Adele said, we are happy to announce that we have launched a new +Premium + service that artists and users have been demanding, which makes the +listen + (sequence) button automatically activated on all albums.
“Those who want to listen to album songs in a random way can still choose this feature from the settings in the application,” added the spokeswoman for the Swedish service, the world’s leading music streaming service.
With the album “30”, Adele, 33, returns to the art scene after an absence of several years. In October, the singer’s single “Easy On Me” from the album was played more than 24 million times in Britain in its first week, breaking the country’s record for the most streamed song upon its release.

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