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Spotify collects your your privacy can be protected

Spotify collects your your privacy can be protected

The user always thinks of “Facebook” and “Google” when it comes to advertisements and online tracking. Indeed, these companies are undoubtedly the most prominent in the field of user tracking, but it seems that Spotify has the ambition to compete with them, and it has the qualifications to do so.

and rise Millions of users daily play music on their smartphones and their tablets and personal computers through the Spotify application. In this way, every day the servers (servers) “Spotify” receive more than 100 billion data points from these users.

Spotify data tracking

Each small data unit is enough to make Spotify more aware of the users. This data includes the songs we listen to frequently, how we listen to them, listening times, as well as the activities the user does while listening.

And as Spotify officially stated, this data is used to understand users’ tastes, feelings, way of thinking, and other things. This makes the company able to target users with advertisements professionally.

The popular music streaming app currently has more than 365 million active users. 165 million of them are subscribed to paid packages so as not to listen to ads, compared to 200 million users who listen to ads and use the app for free.

Spotify app

What does Spotify know about you?

Everything that a Spotify user does on the web version or the PC and smartphone apps is monitored by the company. This includes searches for songs and podcasts, playing songs, pausing them, shuffling playlists, and more.

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For example, Spotify knows that you searched for a song related to the breakup, and then searched for a playlist of songs related to the same months and spent two hours listening to it.

And since the music a user hears indirectly reveals how they’re feeling and what they’re going through, this helps Spotify target that listener with personalized ads, not to mention other data it has about you over the course of your use of the app.

And Spotify does explain in its privacy policy what it is doing, but this policy comes at 4,500 words, and one specialist described it as “using difficult and unclear language.”

And Spotify is getting stronger and more powerful in the event that you…Log in to the application using an external methodLike Facebook or Google, for example.

What can be done about it

There are some basic steps you can take to limit Spotify’s capabilities in terms of collecting and tracking you on the one hand, and on the other hand, to preserve your privacy while listening.

The first of these steps is to use Spotify in the “Private Session” mode, a feature that can be activated from the “Social Options” within the settings. But you will need to activate it every time you open the app.

Spotify app

Spotify app

Spotify has previously clarified that what you listen to in “private sessions” may not affect your music recommendations, which means that the app does not track those sessions.

On the other hand, on the “PC” platform, there is a basic option that must be activated, which is located under “Settings” and under the “Show advanced settings” section, and this option is “Delete the blocking of cookies and prevent their storage.”

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Spotify offers a number of other options to maintain privacy, but only through its website. All you need to do is open the site and then go to “Privacy Settings”, and from this page you can close all the options related to data collection such as Tailored Ads and Facebook Data.

The first helps Spotify It may show you relevant ads by tracking your data, and should therefore be turned off. The second allows it to access your Facebook account information if you do not close it.