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Spotify launches Greenroom app to compete with Clubhouse

Spotify this week launched Greenroom, a rival to the audio room app Club House Which achieved great popularity during the current year 2021, in an expected move from the famous music application after the acquisition of Betty Labs, which develops the Locker Room application, and the Spotify Greenroom application, which is now available for both iPhone and Android users, allows users to create voice chat rooms to discuss various topics about Sports, music, culture and the arts.

Spotify said, commenting on the launch of its new application, which is considered a re-launch of the application Closed rooms With a new design and a new name, Greenroom, the new app provides another opportunity for content creators to connect with their followers in a more in-depth way.

“Since acquiring the Locker Room app, the company has worked to enhance its features, with the aim of providing a live audio experience that delights creators and listeners everywhere around the world, as an extension of the application used by hundreds of millions of users,” said Daniel Eck, founder and CEO of Spotify.

Spotify has also announced a fund to financially support content creators who are users of Green Room

The Spotify Greenroom application with a new design is now available for both iPhone and Android users in more than 135 countries around the world, with users able to join the application directly without invitations using the same Spotify account or creating a new account, with an easier experience of settings that facilitates users to follow the audio rooms that interest them, with The ability to create live voice chat rooms to discuss various topics, and Spotify also confirmed that the application will provide options to ensure the best possible experience during voice chats.

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Spotify also announced a new program to make Greenroom the number one choice for live audio broadcasting for content creators, by announcing a fund to support creators in the name of Spotify Creator . Fund, which helps audio content producers to benefit financially from their work, and Spotify said that any user can join for financial support, depending on the consumption of the user’s direct content and the number of people who follow his audio rooms, provided that Spotify calculates the revenues that it plans to distribute to Content Creators Weekly to constantly identify new creators, and that the fund is designed to pay financial rewards to the largest number of creators, with payments to help them advance their careers.

The Spotify Club House competitor, Green Room, is now available for free for Android device users through the App Store Google PlayIt is also available to users of iOS devices through the Apple App Store App Store.