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"Sputnik" agency reveals the details of the arrest of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

“Sputnik” agency reveals the details of the arrest of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

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A former Iraqi translator who worked with members of the Special Division in the American forces that succeeded in arresting former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein revealed the details and moments of his arrest.

The Iraqi translator’s statements came during an exclusive interview with “Sputnik” agency, in which he said that “the US army used a narcotic substance to arrest former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein,” adding that he was accompanying the American soldiers who were carrying out the arrest operation.

The translator pointed out that the United States promised millions of dollars as a reward for those who provide information on the whereabouts of the former Iraqi leader, saying that “eight months after the beginning of my work, they received information, of course very secret, about where Saddam Hussein was hiding in the area The role in Salah al-Din Governorate, and the place is like a farm, which is a few meters from the Tigris River, and there is a distance of 50 meters or less, and it is located in the Al-Maabar area.”

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The translator explained that “the process of discovering the whereabouts of the former Iraqi president began to unfold through the observation of a citizen. A person was suspected of buying high-quality goods and products that contradict his body and social status, which raised suspicions and things began to unfold.”

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And the Iraqi translator continued to the agency, saying: “After observing the person, a special forces unit was sent that tracked him to the last point, in addition to a landing unit that landed in the area and I was no longer allowed to get any closer because I did not have a gas mask during the raid in which a narcotic substance was used, during which I was taken out.” Many people from there, including among them, turned out to be President Saddam Hussein.”

The translator explained that after the operation was over, he obtained a mask and inspected the place and the room in which former President Saddam Hussein was found. It was a room 3.5 meters wide and about four meters long, with two beds.

The translator described what he saw, “there were expensive shoes, clothes, perfumes and personal items, including the president’s watch, pictures of his family, a blank tape recorder and audio recordings made by Saddam. Unfortunately, most of these personal items were stolen.”

The translator pointed out that the farm after the operation was covered with a white substance, as all the animals in it died.

. was arrested Saddam Hussein Near his hometown of Tikrit, 6 months after the US invasion of Iraq, under the pretext of searching for weapons of mass destruction in 2003. The Iraqi authorities executed the former president on December 30, 2006, the night before Eid al-Adha, after a controversial trial.

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