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Stanice metra Santa Apolónia na modré trase, Lisabon. By Koshelyev - Own work, Public Domain,

Stadler and Siemens unite for Lisbon. The metro fleet modernization will cost three billion

Stadler will supply the new trains and Siemens will then equip all groups with a safety and communication system.

A consortium of Stadler and Siemens Mobility won a contract to modernize the Lisbon metro fleet. Stadler will equip the new trains and Siemens will then install all kits (including the existing ones) with a security and communications system. The contract is valued at 114.5 million euros (about 2.9 billion CZK).

Stadler will produce 14 sets of three cars for the Lisbon metro. Siemens will install its Trainguard MT Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) system in it, as well as upgrade 70 trains already in operation in Lisbon.

“We are proud to have the opportunity, in cooperation with Siemens Mobility, to support the Lisbon Metro in its efforts to modernize its trains.” Ansgar Brockmeyer, Stadgar’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

The contract includes training of employees in operation and maintenance for a period of three years. The contract must be completed by 2027. The vehicles 49.6 meters long and 2.78 meters wide will have 90 longitudinal seats, two wheelchair seats and a parking capacity of 450 people.

Trains from Stadler will initially be equipped with CBTC GoA2 levels, but it will be possible to “upgrade” to GoA4 so that they can run in automatic mode.

The Lisbon metro network has four routes and is 45 kilometers long.

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