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"Starfield"... an exciting game that gives you a unique experience to explore space

“Starfield”… an exciting game that gives you a unique experience to explore space

date of publication:
June 13, 2022 0:38 GMT

Update date: June 13, 2022 2:35 GMT

The game developer Bethesda revealed its new game in the outer space world, Starfield, which opens the way for its players to explore more than 100 space systems, including more than 1,000 planets.

The new game will be available to all players by next year.

The events of the new game initially take place on the moon “Cret”, where there is an old facility that was used by space pirates, with different weapons inside, and from there the adventures begin.

Weapons range from pistols and heavy weapons such as Shotgun-type rifles, in addition to this there is a variety of vehicles that can be used for transportation such as JetPack for short distances.

The star clusters are considered one of the most exciting elements of the game, because the player, while wandering in the open galaxy world, can encounter thousands of stars lined up together, to enjoy them as pieces of art floating in space.

In order for the player to enjoy the game and explore all its infinite aspects, he has to face alien gangs, pirates, as well as aliens in various forms.

The game offers an experience rich in details and enjoyable graphics, and there is an endless library of options for the player to be able to add his touch to the game environment in which he wanders and lives the adventure, for example, he can build his own army, by hiring different characters, to help him in a mission Explore his new alien world.

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The game also provides the ability to build different spaceships, and choose the smallest details of their designs, in addition to the ability to include a team to lead these ships and sail them in the world of space with little attraction.

Details play a pivotal role in enjoying the new “Starfield” game, as spaceships can be steered, and each of them differs from the other in its control mechanisms, and it also differs in terms of the feeling of leadership and the weapons available inside each of them, as well as the players can develop their performance in general within the game By completing missions and overcoming obstacles through successive game levels.

This game is the first new science fiction game to emerge from the mantle of “Bethesda”, which has been owned by Microsoft since 2021 in a deal of $7.5 billion, in more than 25 years.