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Starfield exceeds expectations and surprises everyone – according to the latest rumor

Starfield is one of the most awaited games and Xbox exclusives by fans, especially fans of role-playing role-playing games, specifically the famous Fallout and Skyrim series, because the game is coming from producer Todd Howard who worked on these two series, which means that Starfield will take everything that was presented in them And it will improve on it to provide a unique experience. But since its announcement, players have always been afraid of the game’s failure, especially with its introduction to a huge world, but it seems that there is no need to worry. According to those who have experienced the game, they said that the game exceeded all expectations.

Before releasing games, game testers from time to time test games to ensure they are presented with the required quality and without errors. Of course, this is what happens with Starfield, where these testers are currently testing the game, but it seems that it has exceeded all expectations.

During the last episode of XNC Podcast Podcast host Colt Eastwood said he’s been able to reach out to some of those who are currently working on testing the game and making sure it’s free from technical bugs and the like. Those testers told him the game was bigger and more ambitious than previously expected.

They’ve also said that Starfield is bigger than anything seen in Skyrim and Fallout, with the studio taking every good thing from those two games and improving upon it. Colt Eastwood with those who tested the game heard great talk about the game most of the time, but of course some of them said they were pessimistic.

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Starfield is coming sometime this year, specifically in the first half of 2023, exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms, and since day one via Xbox Game Pass. Leaks indicate that the game is coming before Redfall, possibly next April. It is confirmed that the game will be reviewed and its release date revealed during the next Xbox event, which may take place this January.