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Stargate: Timekeepers - Announcing Zing's Strategy

Stargate: Timekeepers – Announcing Zing’s Strategy

The Wargamers house in Slitherine was held yesterday to announce the company’s new projects, including a new one. Stargate Strategy: Timekeepers From Polish developers from Creative Forge Games (Hard West, Phantom Doctrine).

He will be assigned to Stargate University and will be offered in full Original storyWhich begins during the events of the seventh season finale, when the Battle of Antarctica takes place We’ll follow Commander Eva McCain and her team, Tasked with supporting the SG-1 in the fight against the Anubis Fleet. The aftermath of this battle will eventually put the commander and his unity in front of an epic adventure that will take place in many different locations.

The title was announced by A short cinematic example you will find in the preview.

No further information and release date has been announced yet.

Anyway, since Stargate: Resistance on the Internet in third person (servers closed in 2011), this is the first game from this world to be released on PC, so we hope you succeed.

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