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Stars of Syrian drama continue to join the movie “Ab”

More than twenty names of the brightest stars of Syrian drama have joined the cast of the social cinema film “Fake Up”.

Many stars expressed their happiness in being in the movie, in which the great star Ayman Zeidan plays the title role, directed by the able director Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed and script by Ziad Sari. It is produced by Sarab Company for producer Hossam Hussein Labash.

The star, Ali Karim, confirmed that the film has an absolute mass content, and that people love this type of work.

He added: The importance of the work is great, as it addresses a sensitive issue, which is pregnancy and polygamy, in a funny comic format, and reviews people’s backward convictions to turn to charlatans to solve problems.

And he added: The film is fun and funny and its dialogues are interesting. I wish the film success and expect it to be admired by everyone, especially with the presence of important people in acting, under the supervision of the able director Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed.

first experience

As for the star, Abeer Shams El-Din, she expressed her happiness for her first experience in the world of cinema, and the first also from the able director Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed.

She said: I am happy to participate in the film, as it is my first cinematic experience, and I loved the work because it is close to life, and has a somewhat comic character.

She added: My role is simple and rusty, but I loved the combination of the simple character that we discover through the film, and it is my first experience with the able, kind, loving and intelligent director Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed.

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In turn, the star “Adnan Abu Al-Shamat” praised the film, considering it an important step on the road to restoring private sector cinema.

He said, “I hope that this film will be a good beginning towards bringing the private sector’s cinema back to the fore. The film is very important and I wish success to those in charge of it.”

And he added, “I am very happy to stand alongside the star Ayman Zidan for the first time in my career, and I also salute the dear and wonderful director Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed.”

In addition to Ali Karim, Abeer Shams El-Din and Adnan Abu Shamat, Hossam Tahseen Bey, Tolay Haroun, Muhammad Khawandi, Gerges Jbara, Antoinette Najib, Rasha Ibrahim, Nour Al-Wazir, Nazli Al-Rawas, Rawad Aliyu, Mirna Shalfoun, participate in the work. Ruba Al-Mamoun, Filda Sammour, and Lynn Brazi.