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Stars of the Arab world explore Dubai


The fifth season of the artistic entertainment program, “Carpool Karaoke”, will start on the fifteenth of this May, on Dubai TV, every Monday at ten thirty in the Emirates time.

“Carpool Karaoke”, the program whose Arabic version has achieved a full presence among viewers, hosts in its new season a new list of the most famous stars in the Arab world, in car tours that roam the streets and parts of Dubai, for an hour of television, during which they share their news and secrets with the presenter Hisham Al-Huwaish. .

The episodes start from the moment Hisham Al-Huwaish receives the star guests, each in a separate episode, in a specific place or on a specific street, to join the car in which the episode is being filmed.

After the guest joins the trip, the episode’s tour begins in the most famous streets, areas and landmarks of Dubai, in accordance with the sent and spontaneous dialogue that the presenter of the program conducts with his guest, and is accompanied by recalling and playing the most famous songs of the star on the car radio, and sharing with him his humming and chanting.

In some episodes, the program includes a secondary guest joining the flight. Some episodes may also include in-car calls to some of the guest star’s friends.

In a paragraph that is not devoid of excitement, the guest is invited to take a special adventure in one of the famous centers or landmarks in Dubai, where these adventures vary between watching shows or exploring certain landmarks, or doing exciting sports and adventures. Most of the program’s episodes are filmed during daylight hours, sometimes extending into sunset.

Program sponsors included Sensodyne, wasl properties, Emirates NBD and Volkswagen.

It is worth noting that the public success achieved by previous seasons through follow-up numbers and results on social networks and digital accounts on various digital and smart platforms confirms the clear vision of Dubai TV’s direction and appreciation for its Arab viewers all over the world.

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