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Start a list of ads that will soon appear on your computers. Windows 11 forces OneDrive – Zivě.cz

Not long ago, we pointed out that Microsoft is experimenting with other types of ads in Windows 11. In various forms, asking you to back up your files to OneDrive and sign in to an online account has been testing by Redmonds since the fall. These calls will now start appearing in Windows 11 stable release 22H2.

Specifically, the update brings them in for the first time KB5023778, which is optional. However, the content of these optional updates is always provided by a mandatory follow-up update released as part of a cycle we call Patch Tuesday. Microsoft will then add security fixes to the functional news, and you can no longer avoid this update.

The chance of Microsoft changing its mind is slim, if not non-existent. It clearly recognizes this will be a controversial move, as it will initially only show OneDrive backup prompts on a small percentage of installs, and will gradually expand it over the coming months. We recently explained why Microsoft needs you to subscribe to 365 services – Windows is losing its importance.

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In various forms, OneDrive ads will start appearing in the Windows 11 start menu

An optional update cosmetically modifies the search field, which Eleven has had for a while. If you set a custom color mode and select a light theme for apps and a dark theme for the system, the field will remain light. The update improves Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and fixes a number of vulnerabilities.

We discussed why Windows is full of ads and why subscriptions to the Live Podcast should be offered:

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