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Starting from 2023… a biometric scan instead of a password to enter the platforms “Google”, “Apple” and “Microsoft”

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On Thursday, Google, Apple and Microsoft announced a joint effort to support password-free login on all mobile, desktop and browser platforms they control, starting this year. Next 2023.

The announcement by the three American companies coincided with the celebration of World Password Day, which falls on May 5 of each year, according to “Sputnik”.

This step means that password-less authentication will reach all major hardware platforms in the not-too-distant future, namely Android and iOS mobile operating systems, Google Chrome, Edge and Safari internet browsers, in addition to to the Windows and Mac OS desktop environments, according to The Verge.

An alternative to getting into all of those platforms would be a standard called Fido, which uses public-key cryptography principles to enable passwordless, multi-factor authentication in a range of contexts.

The passwordless login process will allow users to choose their phone as the primary authentication device for apps, websites and other digital services, Google explained in a post on Thursday.

The purpose of Google, Microsoft and Apple’s joint efforts is to allow “end-to-end” password-free logins for apps and websites, and not just at certain stages, as users will only need to use biometric scans (such as a face or finger), or device PIN to log you in at each step.

The three companies hope these efforts will prevent successful phishing attacks, which trick users into sharing passwords with hackers and scammers.