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State tax justice: Stty will lose $427 billion in revenue due to tax evasion

State tax justice: Stty will lose $427 billion in revenue due to tax evasion

Podle vron zprvy “State of Tax Justice” zveejovanou Public Services International and the Global Alliance for Tax Justice stty In globlnm mtku ron pichzej due to business And the and improve gas from Parties Companies and individuals with a total income of 427 billion American dollar. Of which about 245 billion American dollar Impact on the trading system of large multinational corporations. The remaining 182 billion American dollar Then falls on the system bypassing natural persons.

At the discretion of the multinational company, earnings The size is about 1.38 bellina American dollar of the lands in which it was earnings Their activity was originally created.
In the private sector, assets are thus transferred to tax lines and in the amount of $10 trillion American dollar.

Rich country pichzej kadoron by daov niky in the range of about 382 billion American dollar, poor land then about 45 billion. American dollar. But for a poor country, it is very painful, because the income from companies he won u nich tv a 52% sttn cashiers. For rich countries, the change in budget income is only about 8%.

The area is then classified by tax losses as follows. North America Europe Ron will lose about 95 billion and 184 billion respectively. American dollar. Latin America and Africa ZTRCEJ 43 and 27 MLD respectively. American dollar.
Vyjdeno ve ztrtch pjm Start public health system, and this corresponds to 5.7%, 12.6%, 20.4 and 52.5%, respectively.

In the country most able to bypass its tax systems with an overwhelming force of 98%, the richest.

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Mezi TOP 5 daov rje pat British Cayman Islands (16.5% = about 70 billion. American dollar), drag Britney (10% = about 42 billion. American dollar), the Netherlands (8.5% = about 36 billion American dollar), Luxembourg (6.5% = 27 billion. American dollar) USA (5,53% = 23 mld. American dollar).

The G20 countries are jointly responsible for about 26.7% of taxes worth about 114 billion. American dollar. Samy Pitom pichzej kad rok o cca 290 mld. American dollar.