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Štefan Polgári (Dognet): Affiliate marketing is not for everyone.  I talk to many companies about this

Štefan Polgári (Dognet): Affiliate marketing is not for everyone. I talk to many companies about this

[Partnerský podcast] Dognet started less than ten years ago (it will celebrate its anniversary in April next year) like many other companies involved in e-commerce. There are no desks, just a few laptops. The company started renting the first office in a coworking center in Bratislava just a year later.

“At first I was the only one who went into the office. We gradually started adding more people to the team, but the first full-time person didn’t come until 2015,” recalls the Dognet co-founder. Stefan Bulgari.

Ten years later, the company is among the major affiliate networks operating in the Czech Republic. Unlike others, I decided to expand to the south first, after all, the founders themselves describe Dognet as a network for Central Europe and the Balkans. It also works in Romania, for example.

It gradually emerged from where advertisers called us. We started classically in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, then Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia joined. But it was related to how our customers expanded and whether they wanted to support us in those countries, Bulgari adds.

Dognet will expand to the West next year, Polgári mentions Germany, for example. But he already has a very good overview of the state of not only local online stores. According to Bulgari, the level of Czech online stores in particular is at a very high level, surpassing even many of its competitors in Western Europe.

Ally works for a long time

Dognet now has over a thousand affiliate campaigns. From the data available to the company, it follows that such campaigns can bring from five to fifteen percent of sales to individual online stores in the long term. “But it’s really a long-running process. With a classic banner ad, you can quickly see its impact, but at the same time it wears off quickly. Affiliate campaigns work very differently and take months to get up and running, ”says Bulgari in a server podcast.

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On the podcast, he explains who affiliate campaigns are suitable for, because, as he himself admits, he discourages most potential buyers from them. “It’s not suitable for every online store, it will waste money unnecessarily,” he says. It also describes how to set up such a campaign to work. He also talks about the news that Dognet will be launching soon – it’s basically a new system for its publishers and advertisers.

In the podcast of the portal, we interview representatives of the Czech e-commerce and IT scene, the media houses and personalities from other related fields. Last time we spoke, for example, she was the co-founder and CEO of Liftago Ondřej Kratkým or with Andrej PhilipExecutive Director of the CZ.NIC Association.

We are also filming a special series about Czech internet history.