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Stellantis introduced a replacement for the iconic eight-cylinder Hemi.  It's smaller but stronger

Stellantis introduced a replacement for the iconic eight-cylinder Hemi. It’s smaller but stronger

When we start talking about downsizing in Europe, fans of mega-engines start to get carried away and scare away the three-cylinder engines. However, the downsizing of the American segment of the Stellants range looks a little different so far. The eight-cylinder Hemi replacement is called the Hurricane, and it has two lower cylinders and two extra turbochargers.

The new three-liter six-cylinder engine was the first to be offered by the Jeep brand, and the automaker states that in the basic version, the engine delivers more than 400 hp and 610 Nm. The engine tuned in this way has a cooled EGR system and its goal is the best possible fuel consumption. If we take it as an alternative to the 5.7-liter Hemi V8, it will be 10-40 horsepower more powerful.

The version called “High Output”, on the other hand, delivers more than 500 hp and 780 Nm. Compared to the outgoing V8, it should be more economical, especially under heavy loads, such as towing heavy trailers. If we consider it a successor to the 6.4-liter Hemi V8, the increase in power is about 15-30 horsepower.

Hurricane in-line six-cylinder.

Photo: Stellants

The press release said that specific power values ​​will vary depending on the vehicle in which the engine will be installed. However, both versions of the engine must have a flat torque curve so that 90% of Nm is available from 2350 rpm up to the specified. It is based on a die-cast aluminum engine block and has two turbochargers, each feeding three cylinders. Direct fuel injection The weaker version has a high pressure pump, the more powerful version has two.

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Other differences include the larger compressed air intercooler in the more powerful engine version. It also operates with a lower compression ratio of 9.5:1 and requires a “premium” fuel of at least 91 octane according to the AKI methodology, which in Europe corresponds to 95 octane according to the RON methodology. For the weaker version, only this octane fuel number is recommended despite the higher compression ratio of 10.4:1.

However, both versions are technically close to the already well-known two-liter four-cylinder Hurricane, also called the GME (Global Medium Engine). Works in Alfa Romeo or Jeeps, including the Wrangler 4xe hybrid. They have the same bore and stroke.

The new six-cylinder is “the essential combustion engine of the future in North America for large STLA platforms and STLA Frame platforms,” ​​according to a press release. It is still not clear whether it will also appear on some models in official European sales, but it will certainly be a great fit for Alfas or larger Jeeps.